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The world’s top tourism were introduced

The world’s top tourism were introduced UN World Tourism Organization announced the best world tourism. According to The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index Ranking 2015, Spain has the highest rank among 141 countries in the world. This ranking is based on comparison of cultural resources, infrastructure elements and the use of digital application. France, Germany […]

A Spanish Prize for an Iranian Movie, Fish & Cat

A Spanish Prize for an Iranian Movie, Fish & Cat According to Khabaronline, at the festival, this film was in competition with 22 other films from Spain, America, Thailand, and … Adhuk, one of the reputable publications in Spain referred to this film as a border between dreams and reality that encourages its audience to […]

Spain-Portugal, wonderful border crossing

Spain-Portugal, wonderful border crossing As you see in the picture, the border between Sanlucar del Guadian in Spain and Alcoutim in Portugal is a river. Tourists can cross the border by Zip-line at the speed of 70 to 80 kilometer per hour. The interesting point is that tourists can save one hour by using such […]

Weather in Cyprus

Weather in Cyprus Cyprus weather is very significant regarding health issues because it has moderate Mediterranean weather which made it a suitable place for passing holidays for tourists in every season of the year. Cyprus has hot, dry and long summers which last from the middle of May to the middle of October (about end […]

Study in Cyprus

Study in Cyprus Pre-university Education Primary school starts in Cyprus at the age of 6 and is divided to two 6 year stages of primary school and high school. In Turkish residence part f Cyprus which forms the smaller area of island, the pre university studies sometimes last for 11 years. University Education To enter […]

Introducing Cyprus

Position and History Cyprus Republic is an island country in the east of Mediterranean Sea. This country is divided to two parts of Turkish and Greek colonies where both Turkish and Greek languages are official. North Cyprus Turkish Republic is an island placed in the Mediterranean Sea, at the south of Turkey, and west f […]

Humans Equality in Finland

Humans Equality in Finland Based on Finlands Constitute Race discrimination is considered illegal. Its illegal to discriminate people for their ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, believes, ideas, medical condition, disability, sexuality, sex or sexual or sexual identity. Its also forbidden to discriminate people for being wealthy or pregnant. According to the Equality Constitution (yhdenvertaisuuslaki) it is […]

Some Finnish Habits

Some Finnish Habits “In each country, you should act based on the habits of that country”. Finish proverb Those who immigrated to Finland sometimes ago had observed some o Finish habits. In this page some of these observations have been gathered. You may have some cases more than the following list we eagerly accept these […]

Finnish Cultural Customs

Finnish Cultural Customs When somebody knows Finnish cultural customs, the perception of Finnish people is much easier for her/him. Such a person better realize Finnish expectations from her. Cultural customs in Finland are still uniformed and homogeneous to a great extent because of it Finnish people sometimes feel strange about new or modern matters and […]

Study in Finland

Study in Finland Pre-university Studies The official obligatory education in Finland begins at the age of 7 and takes 9 years. This obligatory education includes 6 years of primary school and 3 years of secondary school. In this time students familiarize with the environment, core subjects and foreign languages. After secondary school students enter high […]

Introducing Finland

Introducing Finland Finland Republic is a country in the Europes North. Its adjacent with Norway in North, with Russia in east, and with Sweden in west. Gulf of Bothnia is in its west, Gulf of Finland in its south ad Baltic Sea in its south-west. Finland is a flat land, containing many lakes (The country […]

Rules and Customs in Austria

Rules and Customs in Austria This country has strict rules about crimes such as boarding or consuming forbidden drugs, including narcotic and psychotherapy battalion drugs. These punishments can range from long-time imprisonment to heavy penalties. For driving in Austria you should have Austrian national driving license or an international driving Permit (I D P). I […]

General Information about Austria

General Information about Austria Austria (or in its old version, Österreich) is oe of west European countries. Its capital is Vienna. It is bordered by the Czech Republic and Germany to the north, Hungary and Slovakia to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west. Austria is the French pronouncian of its German name. Its German name, Österreich, is driven from two words of Öster (east) and reich (territory […]

Study in Austria

Study in Austria Educational System and the Evaluation of Academic Documents by Austrian Universities Pre university Educations University Educations Academic Periods the Evaluation of Academic Documents Introducing Universities and post-graduate institutes in Austria Table of the Evaluation of Academic Documents by Austrian universities   Pre-university Educations Children at the age of 5 enter a 1 […]

Learning Portuguese Language

Learning Portuguese language Vowels a like father ã like détente e like set, or say. Often dropped at ends of words in Portugal but not in Brazil. i like machine o between sort and book õ like French sont (say “song” and drop the final consonant) u like soup or book Consonants b like b […]

General Information about Portugal

General Information about Portugal Portugal is placed in the south-west of Europe continent. Its the westernmost country of this continent. Its adjacent to Spain in North and East with a boundary of 1214 Km. Comparing to Iran, Portugals area is about a seventeenth of our country. Portugal weather is humid and relatively moderate because of […]