Steps to Receive Exchange letter

What is the Bank Introduction Letter for Receiving State Exchange?

Its a letter mentioning that, You as a students of a university which is certified by the Ministry of Science, can receive state exchange from bank for a limited time of your education. It means that the Ministry of Science will certify your studying certificate and declares that you can receive state exchange for some months. For example if in your studying certificate of the present semester which is certified by Irans representative in your studying country, it will be mentioned that in the present semester you are going to study for 4 months, after this ministrys certification you can refer to your considered bank which present exchange facilities to the public by the Introduction Letter issuing by this office and receive state exchange for a 4-months interval.

What are the steps?

Dear friend if you are applicant for receiving the Introduction Letter to the bank for receiving state exchanges, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Registering in NESHA System and Forming the File

The First Step for you is forming the file in NESHA website. You can perform your registration online. For registration you can enter and use the Registration link above of the page. After registration you will receive Files number, Username and password for users account. Remembering these codes are very important.

  1. Entering the NESHA System, your Personal Profile and Registering Your Request for Introduction Letter to the Bank

After forming the file and receiving the username and password, you can enter your personal profile through the link of Entering NESHA System. Therefore after entering the System, choose the option of registering the request for Introduction Letter to the bank through Requests Managements Menu and fill in the related form accurately. There are some institutes all over the country for facilitating this process. Therefore there is no need to individually present at this office, you can choose the nearest institute. In other hand you should select your favorite time for receiving the letter, to refer to your selected institute after confirmation of your request at the mentioned time. After registering the request, you will see your request in requests list in the waiting status.

3- Wait until the experts present their idea about your request

After registering your request and before your selected time, your request will be taken into consideration and the answer will be send to you by the same email or through requests list. If your request had been accepted, then you can refer to your selected institute in the selected time and receive you letter. But if you request had been rejected for any reason, you must apply for editing and removing the mentioned fault.

4- You must pay defined amount money for receiving Exchange facilities before referring to the selected institute in the predefined time

According to the committed order to this company, dear applicants must pay 30 thousand Toman to Iran Melli Bank, Ferdousi Branch to the name of Students Affairs Organization (Code 137) to the account number of 2172019006002 and have the receipt while referring for receiving exchange letter.

5- Very important: refer regularly to the website News:

Since our only communication and information bridge with you is the NESHA system, so if for any reason any changes will happen in investigating you dears requests we will inform you through websites Short News. For example if the institutes address will change or … we will inform you through System Short News. So be informed about the last news of the website before referring to the institute.

6- There is no necessity for the students to be present in the institute for receiving Banks Introduction Letter

Dear friend, there is no obligation for you to be present for receiving your banks letter form the selected institute. Any of you close relatives such as father; mother, brother, sister or your attorney can refer to the institute and receive your letter by presenting the valid ID card and your studying certificate.