به دلیل تغییرات لحظه ای در قوانین کشورها، قبل از اقدام حتما با مشاوران موسسه هماهنگ کنید

For Online Shopping, do as follows

For Online Shopping, do as follows:

 First you need to become a member of our online store. Follow steps below to become a member.

Click the “membership” to see the membership form as shown below.

Fill in the form. Note that filling the asterisk required fields is necessary.

Finally, on condition that you have successfully become a member, a page as the page bellow will be shown to you.

At this step, enter the shopping page with your personal data and click your desired product. Then click the “purchase” to move to the next page.

If you want to buy other goods, click “continue shopping” (the green arrow). If your shopping is finished, click “complete your purchase”.

AT this step, you can pay through the items offered bellow:

  1. Payment by bank receipt:


In this way of payment, you can transfer the amount to the account through bank receipt and enter your receipt information in the online store system. The account Information, card number and name of the account holder will be shown, if you select this item.


Click on the desired bank in order to be connected to interbank network.

Mallet Bank (JAM)

Account Number: 92150628

Card Number: 6104 3379 8247 6564

SHABA Number: IR89 0120 0000 0000 0092 1506 28

To: Seiied Mohammad Hossein Shokrollahi

Parsian Bank

Account Number: 800-1139180-0

Card Number: 3320 6345 0610 6221

SHABA Number: IR80 0540 1085 8000 1139 1800 00

To: Seiied Mohammad Hossein Shokrollahi

Saman Bank

Account Number: 807-800-1160466-1

Card Number: 6219 8610 0891 7550

SHABA Number: IR22 0560 0807 8000 1160 4660 01

To: Seiied Mohammad Hossein Shokrollahi

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